The pollution from electricity and electronics is worse than ever today and it load our bodies heavily.





Zones with proof fine mesh metal web protect against radiation.



Freedom from radiation means


  • The immune system will become closer to its natural force and balance
  • Long term impact which gives disturbances on functions controlled by the central nerve system can be avoidedDirect influence/ Temporary health problem is avoided
  • Sleep and rest in radiation free environment is good basis for good performance and good prosperous






Product benefits


  • Good protection against radiation
  • grounded to avoid stored energy
  • Great possibilities in choosing material, but within the limits metal web on wooden frames
  • In general no problems with dog or cat
  • Moveable can be demounted and mounted


  • Easy to use, no special concerns is of need
  • easily opened and closed from both inside and outside, less than 30 sec.
  • Shelters, clothes hangers and even battery powered diode lamps can be used without lowering the attenuation.
  • Furnished freely f ex bed, armchair or desk


  • Customer is at great liberty in choosing exterior as well as the interior

Faraday Cabin



Faraday Cabin is a unique product of the world. It must be placed on solid ground.

Ex: A Cabin with external area 4 x 2,5 m, Attenuation 1000 times = 30 dB, Without heating
200 000 SEK, VAT excluded. Delivery and mounting will add.



Planed Pine
In Oak (illustration)

Price example

The outer dimensions: L x W x H about (2,3 x 1,55 x 2,05) m.

Metal web of stainless steel
Wooden frames in untreated planed timber for joinery.
Floor of pine.

Example: Attenuation 1 000 times at 2,45 GHz


28 000 SEK

Example: Attenuation 100 000 times at 2,45 GHz


40 000 SEK


The figures are not exact, ask for a quote. VAT is excluded in prizes as well as delivery and mounting.


Health problems

svamp-tradThe radiation should not be in our life at the present magnitudes. The effects are in many locations in apartments too millions of times higher than from space. It loads all what lives, weakens health, causes and aggravate many health problems. The problems get worse if the loading last but reverses and may even cease if the load cease and the destruction not has gone too far.

Link 1 Do You Have Microwave Sickness?
This article, listing 22 health effects from exposure to wireless technology:

Link 2. Mould Toxins Skyrocket with EMF Exposure Klinghardt (5 min.)
An experiment where a faraday cage is used shows an increase of toxins from fungi exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields. Fungi, and probably many other microorganisms as well, spawn and excrete toxins vigorously for protection.


Users Story’s

Christina and Lukas at picknick

For Ljusglimten (A magazine) 20130903
I am a retired women living in an apartment in Uppsala. I have had symptoms during many years and I did not understood what caused them. I had itching in mouth (the doctors thought it was fungi, but medication did not help) and in the eyes, palpitation, red irritated skin, difficulties to focus my attention e t c. In the end of 2009 I connected it with electro hypersensitivity, while I became hot in my whole body and felt bad with several symptoms as I sat at the computer or when I spoke in cell phone.
Immediately I contacted the electro hypersensitivity association and get my suspicions confirmed. I acquired a baldachin for the bed and avoided electronics and radiation as much as possible. My regular dentist, who didn’t know about electro hypersensitivity, removed four large amalgam fillings rapidly as I wanted. The doctors help, I searched, was not much help. I felt very bad for a half year, and then I became slowly better. Eventually I got worse again and I felt very bad in the autumn 2012! I could not endure light except from candles, cooked food ( which others had to buy for me ) at a gas stove, mounted curtains for darkness and lived in darkness and silence, couldn’t even endure the radio.
It was a very depressing life for me and my spouse! In January 2013 I read the article about Martin Liljeström and his Relax cage. Grabbed the last straw, as it felt, and ordered a Relax zone, which was built in appropriate size for my home. Martin delivered the zone from Gothenburg, mounted it and finally performed measurements about its efficiency. He was very cautious and we thought he did a very good work. I started to sleep on a mattress in the cage and I sat there reading at days.
Already after three weeks I felt better, not so much palpitations and burnings at night, and some more weeks later I could went out for short whiles. Lovely!! Now , half of a year later, I can sit in the cage in our living room and look at TV ( bought from ama Consulting, shielded ), listen to radio, visit friends, who close down as much electronics, computers, telephones, lamps etc. as possible. I can be out in the sun and do some short errands at town too. It feels wonderful!! I sleep very well in the cage every night and I feel hopeful, even though I have to refrain from a lot and ever consider whether I could endure the one and the other. My world is slowly expanding, which I am tremendously happy with and I am very grateful to Martin, who with his relax cage has helped me to feel so very much better.
Christina Nylander

Document 1
I had cleaned up all mercury (amalgam) in the teeth at the end of august 2010. In November I got a setback and got sensitive for electromagnetic field, got to switch off refrigerator and other electrical equipment, ordinary light bulbs could I endure, even though I felt some burnings in my cheeks. I had tested Martins Faraday cage, and he offered me a version to sleep in. It was good luck for me while my neighbours got DEC-telephone and got personal alarm equipment’s, so it was more radiation at home than at work, were we got computers. Now it becomes possible to recover health during night, without the impact of electromagnetic fields. Slowly but surely has the health become better and I can be in places were computers and refrigerators are on, and I can be at work full time. This is the short version, of cause it is more to write but it would be too much.
Kind Regard